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Torqeedo Motors, Marine Solar, Outboard Motor Security

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As of December 1, 2014 the price of ALL Torqeedo motors will increase by $100 to $300 so buy now!

Ask how you can charge your Torqeedo motor with free solar power!

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Torqeedo EMotors

Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 TillerTorqeedo electric outboard motors are the finest, most efficient electric outboard motrs available!

For inflateable dingys, fishing boats or smaller sailboats see the 1.5 hp 503 or 3 hp 1003.
If you have a fishing boat, a pontoon boat or larger sailboat, then look at the 6 and 9.9 hp Cruise motors.
Kayakers who may need an extra boost love the Torqeedo Ultralight.

Make A Solar Boat

100 Watt Flexible Solar Panel If you have batteries on your boat, you may need solar!  We carry solar panels to charge the Torqeedo motors we sell, however our flexible panels will also work for charging MinnKota and MotorGuide electric outboards.

A charge controller in between the panel and batteries may be needed with larger panels to ensure you do not overcharge your batteries as well as making sure power does not leak back into the solar panel.

We also have flexible ultra thin solar panels pictured here.  They are available in 50 or 100 watts and can be joined to make up larger 12 or 24 volt arrays.

Motor Locks


Beat Outboard Motor Theft!Motor theft is inconvenient, expensive and ruins weekend fun.  Since 1992, Motor Locs have been producing the world’s finest outboard motor locking devices.Motor Locs are made for most major manufacturers including Torqeedo. All locks are made of high grade (nickel/chrome marine 316) stainless steel, incorporating marine friendly lock mechanisms that perform very well in any marine environment, including saltwater, for years of motor security.Two lock types make up the Motor Loc family.  For smller motors with screw clamps to hold down the motor, there is the slot lock series and Bolt Locks to secure your motor on the inside of the transom so the bolt cannot be removed.Please note, Humber Boats makes no guarantee your motor will not be stolen with the purchase of one of our locks.