4 Reasons to Invest in an Armored Car Today

If you are a person with a reputation of an activist and money to back you up, chances are you already have a few enemies. So, it is not surprising if you end up getting hate mails time and again that threaten your life.

However, with the twisted way the world works, sometimes it is wise not to ignore these hate mails. Thus, whether you’re going for a family event, or visiting a conference, it is best to go extra protected. Luckily, with the aid of an armoured car, you can easily attain this and protect your neck.armoured car

Check Out How an Armor Car Can Be Your BFF in Rough Times

  1. Safe Travel Guaranteed

Let’s say you are an activist dealing in drug trafficking and other aspects. Then the mafias will most likely want you dead or harmed. To evade that, an armoured vehicle is your best deal during traveling.

These cars generally come with:

  • Ballistic Operable Window
  • 360 Degree Bulletproof Protection
  • Armored Roof, and fuel tank
  • GPS Tracking & Auto Shutdown
  • Run-flat tires
  • Blast Proof Floor
  • Upgrade Suspension
  • Transparent Bulletproof Glass
  • Brake System Upgrade.

Apart from these, vehicles also come with grenade and bomb protection, depending on the vehicle’s range. Thus, due to all these features, you can easily evade an ambush while traveling in one armoured car.

armoured cars

  1. Reflection of Class and Style

An armor car is high profile, and will undoubtedly make heads turn. If you are an activist or a person with a reputation, flaunting and armor car will help in elevating your status.

People will consider you as a formidable figure and treat you with respect and awe.

  1. High-Profile Vehicles

Armor vehicles are not just popular for their ability to block a bullet or two, but these are also very high-profile. Equipped with the latest technology, these combine state-of-the-art comfort features like comfort seats, mini-bars, high profile sensors and more. As a result, traveling in an armored vehicle offers the utmost comfort.

  1. Reliability

Armored vehicles are also more equipped to offer protection against fires and storms. Made with heavy-duty metals, special tires, enhanced suspension system, and reinforced plastics, an armoured car has a better capability of withstanding fire, or cases like punctures. Additionally, with improved weight supporting capabilities these vehicles are completely suited to endure moderate natural calamities like storms and rain.

Well, now that you know of the benefits of investing in an armor vehicle, let take a look at the armored coaches dominating the market.

  1. Mercedes S600 Pullman State Limousine

This armoured car was reputedly used by Elvis Presley, Idi Amin and Elizabeth Taylor for enhanced protection. Undeniably luxurious this one has an interior that can double up as a bunker along with the ability to withstand explosives and bullets.

armored cars

  1. Maserati Quattroporte

Almost camouflaging as the original model, this armored vehicle was used numerously by Italian government officials. This one combines high-profile security features with a touch of luxury the Maserati is so famous for.

  1. Range Rover

One of the most durable vehicles suitable for armored vehicles, this one specializes in run-flat tires, with bullet-resistant interiors. Further, with grenade protection and bulletproof glass, this one also can withstand an onslaught of high caliber bullets.

So, now that you know of the benefits of an armoured car pick your model and protect yourself from unsavory onslaughts. If you want to find more information about armoured car read here!