Cruise r

The Cruise R models are remotely steered using your boat’s current teleflex style steering system. There is the 6 hp 2.0 R and the 9.9 hp 4.0 R.

Best suited to runabouts, pontoon boats and larger sailboats.

Available in short shaft (24.6″ from transom mount to prop center) and long shaft (29.7″). Most runabouts amd pontoon boats take the short shaft. Larger sailboats and some pontoon boats require the long shaft. It’s best to measure your current motor or your boat’s transom to determine which motor will suite your needs.

Both motors lock for rudder steering, are equipped with GPS to show remaining battery strength and range, speed and power drawn from the batteries.

Cruise 4.0 R: $3,799, motor only plus shipping taxes batteries and charger
Cruise 2.0 R: $3,299, motor only plus shipping taxe